Which One is Right for You?










  1. How to Play the Saxophone: A Beginner’s Guide to Learning the Saxophone Basics, Reading Music, and Playing Songs with Audio Recordings Kindle Edition
    by Cynthia Riess (Author), Jason Randall (Author)










2. The Contract – The Successful Musician Mindset: Proven Music Business Hacks and Tricks to Book More Gigs and Earn a Six Figure Income…Guaranteed! Kindle Edition
by Mia White




-A quick read, The Contract contains a proven template for your band’s next big show. While it is up to you to use it in a way that provides you a six figure income, the lessons are valuable and work in conjunction with it.










3. HARMONY & IMPROVISATION FREE MUSIC LESSONS: Music Theory & Exercises in Jazz, Blues, etc. Kindle Edition
by Ricky Schneider


-Provides a collection of practical music theory exercises Ricky uses in his other four related books. This gives you a great overview of what his books will offer; a no-nonsense guide to harmony, and why we don’t need to turn it into quantum mechanics or particle physics!