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I help great artists and bands turn into revenue generating businesses. The big names already know how to lead their fans through every stage of the customer journey.

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Use Sales Funnels With Persuasive Copywriting

Copywriting is the fuel that powers artist websites and social media.

Why is this relevant?

Many bands get hung up talking about themselves and their tour dates, but great messaging doesn’t focus on just that. I help you connect the value of your artistry with what your fans and bookers care about: their own wants and needs!

I help you scale up to the next level, so listeners and booking agents seek YOU out, and your product sales skyrocket.


I help you keep fans engaged with your band (or should I say brand) through strategic content marketing and new product ideas.
Adding great copywriting to your website is like flipping on a light switch. You might have landed on a good Spotify playlist. You have a great core of happy fans. You might even have a sales funnel built out on your band page.

But without the right copywriting, you’ll still be sitting in the darkness, wondering why your numbers ain’t where you want them. 

You’ve done all the creative and soulful work. I’m just here to light it up.

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Hi, I’m Alex Canales, The Music Copywriter

I’m a music copywriter who’s been waist-deep in copywriting, sales strategy, and content marketing for the last 3 years.

I’m driven by one thing: figuring out what turns your artistry into money!

I’ve helped bands drastically improve their booking and sales through better music copywriting and content, and I’m always looking for new opportunities to experiment and lead them to bigger wins, so they can produce higher quality products and boost their profile.

I have limited availability these days, and I only work with new clients when I feel they are a good fit for my skillset.

If you are looking for help putting together copy for your band’s webpage, email list, and social media, we can get on a quick call to work together. Fill out the form below, and I’ll get back with you ASAP.

What To Expect When You Hire Me
Review my music copywriting process below to learn what to expect when you work with me.

1. Consultation & Discovery
To start, we’ll hop on a call to see where your band is currently at, discuss key performance indicators, and establish S-M-A-R-T goals for the project.

Next, I’ll send you a questionnaire, and we’ll jam on a discovery phase, where I’ll evaluate your site, review data and feedback, and if relevant, talk with any other band management you may have. 

Next, we’ll create a plan to improve your existing copy, sites, ads and funnels, as well as discuss other possibilities to invest in.

2. Copywriting & Optimization
When we have a solid strategy, it’s time to start the writing and optimization. I’ll take care of the words while your designers may make the planned changes to your pages.

The timeline varies by project, but you can expect me to offer clearly defined dates and on-time delivery.

3. Testing & Iteration
Copywriting is just an educated guess until it’s tested, and failing to increase sales on the first try only counts as failure if you’re willing to try just once. 

While my clients typically see an upsurge in engagement and sales after the first round of improvements, I prefer to work with clients committed to split- testing multiple iterations to get you the best results.

We’ll test, give it a good run, and test again until we hit or even EXCEED our goals.

Are You Ready To Flip The Light On?
Your band deserves better copywriting. Let’s do this.

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