"Do You Also Teach Saxophone and Woodwind Lessons?"


Adam and Abdullah were both public school students in Denver’s inner city.

The odds were stacked against them with music programs cut from the budget until a nonprofit came into the picture...

Their mission: to start a new music program with their own teaching artists and assistants.

One of these teaching artists was a professional saxophonist and woodwind doubler...

Meaning he had skills to play clarinet and flute at a professional level, with years of experience teaching and playing from his travels around the world.

This nonprofit knew Adam and Abdullah had a passion for clarinet and wanted to audition for Denver School of the Arts...

So they asked their teaching artist to give them additional private lessons in hopes of passing the audition with requirements on par with that of a university.

But the end of the semester they both won their auditions and got accepted with the help of their educator!

And who was that eductator?

It was Alex Canales, the man who teaches aspiring woodwind musicians of all ages and levels to help them reach their highest potential...

Want Alex to help you (or your children) as well?

Simply click or tap the link, fill out your info and download his Saxo Starter guide at no cost!

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New Orleans Musician - Saxophonist and Copywriter

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Album - Bluish Hue

Musical Biography

As a versatile New Orleans musician (saxophonist and woodwind doubler), he performs at Musical Legends Park with Steve Rohbock and Fred Stahley (formerly of Dr. John's ensemble),  with Shan Kenner and James Singleton, along with his own trio and Duo Brasileiro. He is also part of the band Sabertooth Swing, which has recently released it's first album, Extinct Possibilities.

As an international artist, Alex has performed as the only New Orleans Musician on saxophone at the 2019 Pueblos Blancos festival in Andalucia, Spain and at the Mirajazz club in Porto, Portugal.


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